Welcome one and all to the Team Rileys website.

Stockport and District Pool League’s most flamboyant World Rules team – who combine camaraderie and witty banter with sumptuous pool play – are back. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, TR’s online drought is over.

The crescendo of noise demanding match reports and pool videos has been answered.

Following the financial collapse of Rileys the team moved venue no fewer than four times. We’re now at Replay and aiming to finally realise our potential (though we’ve endured a shockingly poor start to this season). Players have come, players have gone but our team spirit, character and ability remains undiminished.

To follow our weekly travails check out the match reports links.


Please feel free to contribute and enjoy the site :)

Dish of the day (Dave Walker v Conmen):

YouTube Preview Image


5 comments on “Welcome

  1. Gypsy Dom on said:

    The update is that the Graphical Update Coming Soon is now Graohical Update Coming Soon-ish. Does that mean some time in 2012?

    • kingy on said:

      2012 looks a bit optimistic now for graphics Dom lad :-D

      Maybe 2013 will be graphics now with 2012 being excuses :-D

  2. Gypsy Dom on said:

    Pull your finger out Pest.. where’s those graphics

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