20/06/12 – Club Replay 3 v 9 TR

Rileys complete the first half of the season at Club Replay – but will face the Prem One strugglers without a host of regulars. Dave Walker and Matt Norbury are both unavailable while Jason King remains in Warrington aiming to become the town’s undisputed champion of champion and is a doubt to even make his usual 10.15pm appearance. However, Rileys are on a serious roll, have strength in depth, and will be looking to claim their seventh win in succession to finish the opening half on a serious high…


Club Replay 0 Team Rileys 1

After finding it impossible to win the opener in the first quarter of the season Rileys have been first to make the breakthrough in the second quarter. Nick Powell has been the inspiration and Rileys’ pocket rocket is again the one to sock it to the opposition. Big Nick goes for an earlyish clearance against Jared Bailey. A plant leaves the two remaining balls a touch awkward so takes the safety option. Bailey reacts by putting the black safe and following a safety exchange looks to clear. But the black down the rail is a touch awkward and fails to trouble the pocket – and Powell mops up for his eighth win on the bounce.

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Club Replay 0 Team Rileys 2

Captain Fudge doubles his side’s advantage with victory over Paul McEvoy in the next. When McEvoy snookers himself in an ultimately doomed attempt to take the rack the momentum swings in Rileys’ favour. Bob Grant takes full advantage to deal Club Replay an early blow.

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Club Replay 0 Team Rileys 3

The recent upsurge in form of Paul Coppock increases the sense of impending doom surrounding the Club Replay crew. Phil Angell is the man to get his wings clipped as Rileys make it 3-0. Angell pots but sends the white into the middle. Coppsy clears the rest after a fine pot into a centre bag while clearing the black at the same time.

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Club Replay 1 Team Rileys 3

A dish of some quality gets Club Replay into the game. Matt Kakanskas is Club Replay’s saviour of the opening half. The final yellow into the middle with the white on the cushion is top drawer to leave a simple black. Dished opponent Steve Pardner lamented: “I chalked up. I watched. I watched. I watched. I shook hands. I sat down. I had a little cry.”

Club Replay 1 Team Rileys 4

Following a scrappy tactical opening in rack five Andy Jones pots a nice yellow while developing another bad yellow. The Professor rattles his next over the key bag which leave Jones in complete control. And Jones clears on his next visit.

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Club Replay 1 Team Rileys 5

Dom Mills is slightly unfortunate not to nail a double following a clearance attempt in rack six. Gypsy Dom is let straight back in but overcooks his first, leaving a thin cut on the next while trusting to luck for position on the black. He doesn’t get much but at least has a shot at the final ball with the white on the cushion. It flies in and after the white flirts with the middle pocket Rileys can celebrate an opening half score-line of 5-1.

TR have a spy in their midst with Harry Roberts left behind check out Replay’s next opponents. Is he impressed? Take a look:

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Club Replay 1 Team Rileys 6

Former teammates Paul Coppock and Paul McEvoy lock horns in the next. McEvoy is a big favourite in a serious fudge fest but contrives to let Coppsy back in. Last season’s top Prem Two stats man is snookered on his final yellow over the bag. It drops from the escape but the black is nowhere and Coppock takes full advantage.

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Club Replay 1 Team Rileys 7

A tough positional shot which goes awry all but gives Rileys victory on the night. Matt Kakanskas fires a shot down the rail. If it drops Nick Powell is in trouble. But it belatedly drops and Kaka is left snookered and gives the two away. Big Nick moves his problem ball with the first before picking off the straddlers for the win.

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Club Replay 2 Team Rileys 7

Bob Grant gifts Rob Lester the next with a shocking fudge attempt that could not have gone worse. Captain Fudge is in complete control and passes up several opportunities to clear in a bid to make completely sure. His tactics backfire and Lester capitalises to double Club Replay’s rack count.

Club Replay 3 Team Rileys 7

Two becomes three when Kyle Wilson loses rack number 10. The Nominator follows his captain’s lead by fluffing his lines to further dampen TR’s hopes of a thumping win.

Club Replay 3 Team Rileys 8

Andy Jones is involved in another tactical battle in the penultimate frame. Club Replay skipper Daz Cooper has the first chance to take it but misses the black into the middle. The Professor responds with precision-like accuracy to nail his three last reds and the black for the win.

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Club Replay 3 Team Rileys 9

Jared Bailey embarks on a game of speed-pool presumably to beat his curfew. Swift pots are followed by some weighty hit and hopes. A fluke arrives as Bailey continues to thrash about, Gypsy Dom plays a more patient game and when another smash ends with a foul Mills uses the two to increase the margin of victory.

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3 comments on “20/06/12 – Club Replay 3 v 9 TR

  1. Shoan the Moan on said:

    Big Nick haha. Even smaller with his new hair cut ;)

  2. jared on said:

    My final frame had 0 to do with a curfew, everything to do with boredom from watching my “team” play yet another match with 0 team spirit, zero entertainment and fuck all to smile about. At least my frame gave Rileys and Angell a laugh, which was the intention. Although coops didnt look best pleased, at a guess im dropped next week :) .

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