27/06/12 – Yesterday 9 v 3 Tomorrow

Following the first half of the Summer League three teams remain in title contention. Defending champions Replay – best known for dominating the S&DPL – are certainly in the running. Silver Jubilee – best known for the character flaws of certain team members – top the tree. And Team Rileys – best known for their team camaraderie, good looks, witty banter and sumptuous pool – complete the trio of title contenders. The second half of the season pits TR against Replay in a match that could go a long way towards deciding the destination of the title…

Replay 1 Team Rileys 0

Nick Powell struggles with the pace of the table in rack one but is still first down to the black. Big Nick puts less pace on his final colour pot in a bid to redress the balance. But his shot carries too little pace and leaves a tough black with the white on the cushion. The black fails to fall and Derrick Lawley is back in… and Replay are one up soon after. Sadly for TR it’s a theme that would continue throughout the night.

Replay 2 Team Rileys 0

Mark Beeston is in control from the break in the next with bags covered with a number of his opposition’s safe. The miss arrives but Jason King is faced with an ultra-tough table. Kingy attempts to rifle a double in an attempt for position but the object ball rattles the middle jaws and is spat out and there’s no reprieve for The Terminator.

Replay 2 Team Rileys 1

The rot is stopped by Andy Jones who takes out Neil Robinson to halve the deficit. Where’s the video as my memory is hazy a best. The Professor potted the black – I know that. Must have been a dish with numerous wonder pots… oops.. found the video now, Actions speak louder than words:

YouTube Preview Image


Replay 3 Team Rileys 1

The next is a bad one to lose for Team Rileys. Kyle Wilson has two shots with two balls close to bags and only one ball tied up. Rather than move the bad one The Rookie opts to cut cut one of the two remaining yellows… and rattles it. The rack turns into a fudge fest and it’s Phil Clarke who comes out on top.

Replay 3 Team Rileys 2

If Replay got away with the last it’s TR who count their blessings in the next. Dave Walker boasts a record of 12 consecutive wins against the reigning champs. And the scourge of Replay does it again after Anton Doyle fails to make the most of his chances. When the black is missed Pubby is at his clinical best with a hallmark clearance.

YouTube Preview Image


Replay 4 Team  Rileys 2

Paul Coppock pulls out two of the best single ball pots of the night. Once, twice, three times and maybe more Coppsy looks to be on for the win. But James Ruffell just about hangs in there and a couple of decent fudges prompt a poor two shots and Replay escape with a half time lead.

Replay 4 Team Rileys 3

While Spain are dispatching Portugal on penalties it’s Jason King who keeps Rileys within touching distance. Kingy is well on top with some pin-point precision and it’s hasta luego Derrick Lawley.

Replay 5 Team Rileys 3

If Rileys felt it wasn;t going to be their night beforehand the feeling was reinforced in the next. Nick Powell looks in decent shape for the counter-dish after the in-off from break. But Big Nick ends up sinking the white off his second spot. Harry Roberts mops up with glee, using the two intelligently towards the end,

Replay 6 Team Rileys 3

The tale of woe continues when Andy Jones rattles his penultimate yellow with the rest of the balls on. James Ruffell survives another major scare to finish off the rack and take his second of the evening.

Replay 7 Team Rileys 3

Bob Grant turns down a fudge in favour of an audacious snooker escape… and falls millimeters short. Mark Beeson takes full advantage with the two and now it’s just a question of how many Replay can rack up.

Replay 8 Team Rileys 3

A dry break puts Phil Clarke in and Dom Mills is odds on not to get back to the table. A surprising positional error gives the Gypsy an opportunity to lay a snooker. But Mills fails to take a look round the table and manages to find the perfect spot for Clarke to clear up from.

Replay 9 Team Rileys 3

The disastrous night peaks at unlucky 13 for The Pub Player. And just like in the Stocky Singles it’s the curse of Jason Gardner which strikes to knock Dave Walker off his Replay pedestal.¬† The shock of the night? The shock of the season? It was a bit of a shock as Predator hammers the final nail in TR’s coffin. Is the title tilt over… Maybe not quite yet but Rileys will need some big wins now to put themselves back in the running.





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