18/07/12 – TR 6 v 6 Silver Tossers

Team Rileys approach the match sitting comfortably second in the league table amidst widespread reports of player rifts in the Silver Tossers camp so what team will face Team Rileys only time will tell……

On the Tossers arrival, noticeable absentees are the class acts Steve Horsefield and Tony Langdale, however the ROyBOT, arguably the best player in history to grace the Stockport pool scene is present.  In addition to this, Pete Clarke, Stockport legend and father of one of the finest players in Stockport also joins the jubilee ranks.

Accompanying the Silver Tossers are also a couple of window lickers, Leslie and Jonny, also known as Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dee, possibly due to their stupendous intellects?

Frame 1

Captain Fudge wins the toss for Team Rileys and elects Team Rileys to break and thereby makes his first bad decision of the night.  This was quickly followed by his second bad decision when he selects Nick Powell to kick off for title challengers, Team Rileys.

Nick has been taking breaking lessons from the Terminator and it shows as Nick delivers an awesome break as he screws the cue ball straight in to the middle pocket without even touching the sides!

Adam Clarke, affectionately known as Ginger Bollox, steps up to the table and replies with a quality counter dish.  Big Nick has the pleasure of shaking the Ginger’s hand but no-one else’s as he is shunned by his TR team mates for losing to a Ginger!

Frame 2

Dom Mills steps up for the second frame and The Tossers send up Rob Clarke in reply.  Put frankly, The S&DPL treasurer just hasn’t got the minerals to compete with one of the counties most improved players and Dom dispatches Rob with ease.

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Frame 3

Jason King is chosen to face Danny ‘The Moan’ Shone and on paper this is a foregone conclusion with all that is unknown is the excuses the Moan will deploy at the end of the frame.

The King inexplicably doesn’t finish The Moan off on his first attempt so The Moan comes to the table armed with not on his cue but his excuse book.  Before playing a shot, Danny complains to the ref that the cameraman, The Pest who is armed with an iPhone, is too distracting to play, so the camera is banned and two clicks later becomes the stopwatch!

After hearing a number of excuses and mutterings each shot, King finally succumbs to the Moans antics and misses a tricky finish that would normally be standard for the Terminator. Unfortunately for King, he leaves Danny’s balls in a position that would be difficult for a one handed cyclops with teretz to clear up from. The Moan tries his best to mess it up but this challenge is even too difficult and he just about sinks the black before walking off to his team mates whilst leaving King by the table offering a handshake of congratulations.  The Moan is reminded to shake hands, does so and King returns to his team mates to face the humiliation of losing to The Moan.

Frame 4

Dave Walker is sent up to play the ROyBOT in frame 4.

After a few tactical shots, the Pub Player proves once again that he is the best pool player in Stockport by sending the ROyBOT back to the Jubilee bench with nil points.

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Frame 5

Andy Jones is up next against Pete Clarke. If you received a pound a fudge Andy would be a very rich man.  It is mentioned by the commentating team that The Jones certainly gets his value for money and more than his fair share of table time.

Unfortunately the video camera batteries are not run on lithium crystals and simply cannot cope with the demands of the whole frame. After a tortuous ordeal for the spectators of both teams, The Professor eventually is forced to pot a ball and proceeds to pulls off a lovely finish taking Team Rileys to a 3-2 lead with one to play in the first half.

YouTube Preview Image

Frame 6

Bob Grant takes on the challenge of playing James Shone. James, now regarded by many as a class act, inexplicably follows suit of The Moan and complains that the videoing is distracting and the video is turned off … however this then creates a first in TR frame footage as we are now able to present to you the first audio only recording of a frame in the S&DPL.

After captain fudge plays a sloppy shot, James takes little time in taking control of the frame and secures the frame for The Silver Tossers and we go in to the break with an equal share of the spoils at three frames a piece.

Check out the audio by clicking here!


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Frame 10

YouTube Preview Image

Frame 11

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3 comments on “18/07/12 – TR 6 v 6 Silver Tossers

  1. theprofessor on said:

    Nice match report Kingy :D

    U going to finish it off lol

  2. I wasn’t the author genius. Says everything about you that you wouldn’t shake an opponents hand – whoever that opponent was. Your sportsmanship is as poor as your grammar.

  3. Shoan the Moan on said:

    Nice report ” Title challengers” lol

    1. Bob didn’t select to break as you don’t have a choice when you win the toss .

    2. I played my shot then asked for moving I phone to be switched off

    3. I turned around to look for King to shake his hand. If was you Dom I wouldn’t, but Jason a top bloke and player so why I wouldn’t wanna shake his hand would be beyond me.

    Now get back to writing Fairtayles and not potting blacks.

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