25/07/12 – Kicker A 6 v 6 TR

It’s late, it’s not great, it’s not on time – but at least you get a rhyme. Only a summary is put forward from the Kicker contest in which TR fail to hammer home their advantage against the division’s draw specialists. Rileys race into a 6-2 lead but then fail to cement a victory that would have almost guaranteed a top two finish in Prem One. Kicker deserve credit for a spirited comeback against a Rileys side still suffering a post-Jubilee hangover… and here’s some footage:

Frame 1 – Bob Grant YouTube Preview Image

Frame 2 – Nick Powell YouTube Preview Image

Frame 3

Frame 4

Frame 5

Frame 6 – Coppsy YouTube Preview Image

Jinx and Jones half time report YouTube Preview Image

Frame 7

Frame 8 – Nick Powell YouTube Preview Image

Frame 9

Frame 10

Frame 11 – Andy Jones YouTube Preview Image

Frame 12

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