17/10/12 – TR 6 v 6 Club R

Team Rileys enter game two on the back of the team’s worst result to date – the previous week’s 10-2 disaster against the besmirched Silver Jubilee. But Rileys are buoyed by the return of Nick Powell whose season-long sabbatical lasted all of one week. And TR face a Club Replay side they trounced 7-0 in when they last met in the Team Cup…


Rileys 0 Club Replay 1

In an echo of the first quarter of the Winter League the hosts slip to defeat in the opening rack. Jarad Bailey is in prime position off the break but Nick Powell works his way into the game. After Bailey makes a minor mistake with just one colour left Big Nick comes to the table. The real Power opts to lay the snooker rather than take a tricky pot. And Bailey punishes the decision after coming off the bottom cushion to nick his last yellow into the pocket – before sinking a quality black.


Rileys 0 Club Replay 2

Wth Bob Grant at the table Rileys anticipate a fudge fest. And the home side settle back in their chairs for a lengthy battle. In a common theme of the evening Rileys fluff the break handing Phil Angel the early initiative. It is Grant who requires heavenly intervention but the Rileys skipper pulls a number of fine safety shots out to apparently turn the tables – with the key bag now belonging to the hosts. Angel comes back with one of his own to stick Grant’s last yellow on top of the black – which hangs over the bag – with a superb intentional foul. Grant manages to stay in the game but only prolongs the inevitable before Angel downs the black following a foul snooker.

Rileys 0 Club Replay 3

Unlike Rileys the away side make full use of the break off shot with Paul McEvoy on for a dish against Dave Walker in the next. The dish attempt breaks down and suddenly Pubby is in. Rileys anticipate the clearance but Walker leaves himself straight down at the bottom of the table with two yellows left. Walker pots both but has to cannon the black with his final shot. The connection is true but the pace takes the white behind one of his opponent’s reds. Pubbys is then millimetres away from sinking the black out of the snooker. But is doesn’t drop and Link clears to extend Rileys’ winless start.

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Rileys 0 Club Replay 4

Andy Jones follows suit with TR’s ineffective break-off. Rob Lester has bags covered and The Professor is up against it from the start.. A foul eventually proves Jones’s undoing and Lester gets – and needs – the two to increase Rileys’ woes.

Rileys 0 Club Replay 5

Harry Potter lookalike Matt Kakanskis weaves his wand with purpose in the next. The break off is a beauty and Kaka pots his way out of trouble following a number of less than perfect positional shots. The CR youngster fails to get the desired kiss after potting his last red. But the black is a beauty off one of the unlucky Matt Nortbury’s yellows to find the corner bag.

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Rileys 1 Club Replay 5

Dom Mills shows just why he’s not given a break – potting nothing bar the white to hand the impetus to Daz Cooper. TR’s vice-skipper is given a couple of chances though and reverts to fudge. Cooper refuses to hand Mills two shots but after an earlier fluke works in The Gypsy’s favour he clears the last couple ending with a nice black down the rail to finally give Rileys something to cheer about. Here’s the pointless video that misses off the finish:

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Rileys 2 Club Replay 5

The numpty camera-man again fails to capture the end of the rack. But it’s Andy Jones who gains his revenge on Rob Lester for the win. A slightly unfortunate kiss denied Jones a classy finish. But The Professor poses the question with a purposeful foul and reaps the rewards a few shots later.

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Rileys 3 Club Replay 5

Another fruitless break means Phil Angel’s in first against last season’s top stats man Dave Walker. When the miss arrives Pubby has nothing on bar a tricky safety. Angel does little with the rest and Walker needs no second invitation with an accomplished finish to continue the fight-back. Pop quiz question – the background music was the theme tune for a late 1980s cartoon… can you name it?

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Rileys 3 Club Replay 6

Paul McEvoy ends Rileys best sequence of winning racks for the season to date – a sum total of three – by securing CR at least a draw. McEvoy has a second chance to dish on the night. The error arrives but Kyle Wilson’s second attempt at a snooker fails and McEvoy is clinical.

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Rileys 4 Club Replay 6

Paul Coppock makes his season debut against Jared Bailey in rack nine.Both players smoke roll-ups but Coppsy has the extra ingredient both on and off the table to claim the win in a rack which featured chances for both players.

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Rileys 5 Club Replay 6

Hopes of a draw remain alive after Dom Mills – who is thankfully denied a second break – again reverts to fudge to turn a rack around. The Gypsy somehow manages to snooker himself when favourite to clear. But despite giving away two and a subsequent poor positional shot onto the black Mills takes the win. The rueful smile says it all:

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Rileys 6 Club Replay 6

Cometh the hour cometh The Terminator and BOOM here’s the dish of the day. The late arriving Jason King bags it to the relief of his teammates. The opening red sets it up and King refuses to put a foot wrong ina stylish end to the match. Take a look:

YouTube Preview Image





2 comments on “17/10/12 – TR 6 v 6 Club R

  1. Captain Fudge for cameraman and commentator of the season :)
    Oh yeah, and where is the half time report Bobster?

    • Gypsy Dom on said:

      Fudge gets my vote. I made one decent pot in the first rack and it gets omitted. Usually I’m all for my pot attempts not making the final cut

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