31/10/12 – Replay 8 v 4 TR

On Halloween match night Team Rileys make the collective decision (are pressured into it by Jason King) to take part in ‘Movember’. TR will be growing moustaches this month to raise awareness of of testicular and prostrate cancer.  YES - we will look (more) ridiculous but it’s all for a good cause and you will be able to follow our progress each week with our group photos.

We will be adding a ‘donate now’ button to our website if you wish to support us. If you haven’t got the cash to spare but are a fit lady (or man for Kyle (or hermaphrodite for Steve)) don’t worry you can still help the lads out by a bit of pre and post-match fluffing to check our bits are all in working order :)
Anyway, brushing the moustaches to one side… there’s the small matter of a league game against reigning champions Replay to contend with. In an unprecendented move Rileys get new Jubilee captain Danny Shone to put together commentary for the opening few racks of this week’s offering.
Replay 0 Team Rileys 1
Derrik Lawley brakes and pots one. He goes to pot the rest but misses one – he must av been unlucky like I am when I miss. Dave Walker is next to have a shot but he is unlucky also. Maybe they need to draw the curtains or sommit – or maybe move to a different tabel. Delboy is back on for the next shot and pots a couple before missing again (do they need new cues (I dont meen like when people are in a line behind each other)). Pubby is next to have a go and pots the rest. He is a joy to watch sometimes – I hope he joins Silver Jubilee with any other players from Replay I can get to come. Hey guys what are all these red squiggels under a lot of my words…..
Replay 1 Team Rileys 1 
Sorry about that folks. Back to real sentences now. Rack two pits Rileys’ number one break off man Nick Powell against Harry Roberts. The break incredibly comes up dry (note the heavy sarcasm) and Roberts is in. An attempted cannon goes slightly awry but the balls make a perfect plant and the counter-dish is still on. Roberts then misjudges the pot on his penultimate yellow – but the kiss favours Replay and a nice pot into the middle leaves a simple black for 1-1.
Replay 2 Team Rileys 1 
More to follow
Replay 8 Team Rileys 4
With defeat confirmed Dom Mills throws in a break to rival Nick Powell’s and the initiative is with Replay and Mark Beeston straight away. The Gypsy gets back to the table – but is left with nothing but a containing shot. He returns after The Beast returns the favour and Mills does nothing more than set his opponent up. Beeston clears in clinical fashion and Replay add further gloss to the win. 
YouTube Preview Image

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