12/12/12 – TR 3 Silver Jub 9

Potentially the blandest page in TR web history is sent out to its legion of worldwide fans with zero – yes ZERO (capped up for extra emphasis) – video footage. ‘Why?’ I hear you cry. The reason stems back to last season’s bad tempered home fixture against the very same Silver Jubilee opposition and allegations of using video recording technology (an i-phone) to put off the opposition (one member of – guess who?). Strangely it’s an allegation that hasn’t been levelled by any other team in Prem One history.

In reality it’s a Godsend to TR as there’s no footage to highlight the team’s collective errors. Here’s the high (and low) lights in word form:

Matt Norbury is in control of rack one before making a mess of an attempted clearance by snookering himself. Danny Shone capitalises with a fine pot close to the rail before nicking the rack.

Roy Cusworth is at his flamboyant best in the opening half with an extravagant dish featuring a range of awesome shots. Kyle Wilson eases to a controlled victory over James Shone. Tony Langdale goes in off after threatening to dish himself – leaving Dom Mills with a simple counter. Nick Powell plays some superb shots after being in all sorts of trouble off the break against Neil Robinson – but is unfortunate to land awkward on the black after a super shot one before.

In the second half TR are, to put it bluntly, a bit gash. For Jubilee there’s a nice dish from The Moan against Norbury. Mills puts in his contender for worst miss of the match in the penultimate rack to hand victory to Adam Clark. Andy Jones is a touch unfortunate to go in off in the last against The Roybot but like many of his teammates struggles a little on the new table. Rob Clarke hands victory to Wilson with The Rookie making it two from two for the night and unlike his teammates (espcially Big Nick) leaves the Cricible with his head held high.

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