Meet The Players


Name: Bob Grant

Age: 30

Nickname: Captain Fudge

Team Role: Captain

Pool Style: Negative

Favourite Saying: “It’s brown and sticky and I like it”

Achievements: Pending



Name: Dom Mills

Age: 38

Nickname: Gypsy Dom

Pool Style: Safety first

Team role: Vice-captain

Favourite Saying: “I think therefore I’m not Danny Shone”

Achievements: Biggest collection of wooly hats this side of Iceland (the country not frozen goods store. Stockport Singles League main event last 16, 20013. National Blackball Pool Federation Champion 2013 (as part of Cheshire C).



Name: Nick Powell

Age: 13

Nickname: Big Nick

Playing Style: Attacking

Team role: Non-referee

Favourite saying: “The best things come in small packages.”

Achievements: Alty Indies main event runner-up (2012). Stockport Singles League main event quarter-finalist (2013).



Name: Dave Walker


Nickname: The Pub Player

Playing Style: Flamboyant

Team role: Upsetting the opposition

Favourite Saying: “These guys are sh1t.”

Achievements: To add



Name: Matt Norbury


Nickname: Nobby/Norbs

Playing Style: Measured attack

Team role: Flip-flop wearer

Favourite Saying: “I’m not under the thumb – I just do as I’m told.”

Achievements: Occasionally being allowed out to play



Name: Andy Jones

Age: 33

Nickname: The Professor

Playing Style: Calculated

Team Role: Elder Statesman

Favourite Saying: “Non-ferrous account management is the way forward”




Name: Jason King

Age: 40s

Nickname: The Terminator

Playing style: Team Shots

Team role: Commentator/Pest’s mentor

Favourite Saying: “When’s the next team night out?”




Name: Kyle Wilson

Age: 24 (maybe)

Nickname: The Nominator/Rookie

Playing Style: Fast and loose

Team Role: Football Card taker arounder

Favourite Saying: “When do I nominate?”

Achivevements: Nominating post-break…. occasionally



Name: Matt Williamson

Age: Indeterminate

Playing Style: All-rounder

Team Role:

Favourite saying:


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