13/11/13 – Grove Pirates 5 v 7 TR

Here we go – we’re back – and here’s a belated match report as Team Rileys travel to Pirates. Will Rileys remain all at sea? Or will it be Pirates saying aaggghhhh after feeling the pain of defeat….

Pirates 0, Team Rileys 1

Nick Powell leads Rileys off, and is the aggressor in the opener. A couple of attempts to develop balls fail to come off and Pirates’ opening bat Carl Mutch is in. A mistake lets Big Nick again, but he marginally loses the white as the pace of the tables gift his opponent two shots. His clearance attempt leaves Mutch to be desired however, and the Teddy Bear gets another chance – and delivers with two fine, fine cuts. If you think this site looks amateurish, then check out the video footage….


Pirates 1, Team Rileys 1

Captain Chris ensures that the Pirates sail back to all square. The dish looks on with Rileys’ newest recruit Matt Williamson looking assured as he clears the yellows. But the final position goes awry. Snookered on the black, Vaughney gives two and the rest is history…


Pirates 2, Team Rileys 1

Like Chinese water torture the next video is painful viewing. The fudge fest should favour Dom Mills, but after winning the tactical battle, and with his remaining reds over one bag, the Gypsy makes a hash of clearing – the problem black proving his undoing. Watch the vid if you’ve plenty of time and nothing better to do.

Pirates 2, Team Rileys 2

In similar fashion to how Rileys lost the second, they win the fourth. Lee Oldham is seemingly in control after a protracted tactical battle. A decent shot to open up the balls leaves the clearance on, but Oldham snookers himself on the black. Andy Jones gobbles up the opportunity and we#re back on level terms.

Pirates 3, Team Rileys 2

More to follow




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