Team Rileys play from: Rileys Stockport, Wellington Road South, Stockport, SK2 6ND

Quite simply, Rileys is the home of pool :)
Food : Game 1 (Replay) - The old Rileys staple of sausage butties, this time with some tasty looking potato wedges on the side.  Unfortunately The Terminator was ahead of me in the queue so I didn’t get the chance to sample any of them.
     - King compatibility rating : 3 stars.  King didn’t seem to mind the “fancy chips”.
            Game 2 (Ollies) – An interesting culinary twist was applied to the stock pile of sausages that must surely reside in Rileys.  A top quality sausage stew was knocked up by the lovely Hannah with sides of buttered bread and a tray of chips.  The Pub Player managed 4 bowls of the stew and took the left overs home to eat for supper.
      - King compatibility rating – 3 stars.  King couldn’t complain when supplied with his favourite chip butties.
Carling price check : £2.32.  Quality pint at surely the cheapest rate anywhere in Stockport!
Table : Nap cloth.  Tad on the slow side on occasion but runs true enough and the bags are friendly enough, yet not gaping allowing both the dish and the fudge as options.

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