Play from: The Winds, Beacon Road, Romiley, Stockport, SK6 3ET

What’s the Winds like?

Food : Good old fashioned home comfort food is par for the course at The Winds.  This time sausage, chips and beans with plenty of buttered bread was provided.  Just what was required to soak up the copious amounts of Carling supped by the TR boys.

- King compatibility rating: 3 stars.  Chip butties for The Terminator.  Disappointingly no chicken nuggets cooked at The Winds this time.

Carling price check : £2.65 I think.  Cracking value – can get a good pint at The Winds!

Table : Speed cloth.  Played on table furthest from bar.  Deceptively tight pockets make dishing up not as easy as at first glance.  Makes for some tactical frames at times.

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