Play from: The Winds, Beacon Road, Romiley, Stockport, SK6 3ET

Food : Awesome all-day breakfast. Bacon, sausage, beans, hash browns, bread, scrambled and even black pudding. The Gypsy likes onion rings with his fry-up and prefers a fried egg or two but Winds cannot be denied a five-star rating. The change in landlord could herald a golden age in post-pool grub. Pubby would have easy made thirds – if he’d been present!.

- King compatibilty rating : 1/2 star.  All-day breakfast not to the King’s taste – the only one in the pub not to indulge.

Carling price check : £2.65. ;D

Table : Speed cloth.  Played on the bar table. A surprising lack of one-visit clearances with virtually all games involving a certain amount of fudge.

Totty : Couple of barmaids regularly flirt with the pub player (in his own mind) so always a good place to keep the team entertained.

2 comments on “Windies

  1. Carl Horse on said:

    The all day breakfast was sh*t hot.. I normally give the food there a wide berth and head to mac d’s after the pool but the horse was satisfied with the nights fill of pool and food.

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