Play from: The Winds, Beacon Road, Romiley, Stockport, SK6 3ET

Food : A cracking beef stew with potatoes.  Pubby couldn’t get enough of it and contemplated asking if the barmaid had any tupperware in the back room.  The usual fare of chips, bread, cabbage and beetroot made for a top quality supper.

- King compatibilty rating : 3 stars.  Kingy had his usual ;)

Carling price check : £2.65. ;D

Table : Speed cloth.  Played on the bar table.  Not much room for fudge games if the balls split well.  Big bags make it a top surface for attacking players and not surprisingly there was a few one visit clearances in the match.

Totty : Couple of barmaids regularly flirt with the pub player here so always a good place to keep the team entertained :)

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