Waterloo Nomads

Play from: Waterloo Hotel, 10 Waterloo Road, Stockport, SK1 3BD

What’s the Waterloo hotel like?


Food :  A tantalising tray of meat pie that could feed at least 20 (yet I somehow missed out on seconds) with chips, bread and butter, and a wide choice of condiments.

- King compatibility rating : 2 stars. Unfortunately Kingy arrived during frame 10 by which time all the food had gone!!  However I’m sure he would have snaffled up the bread and chips on offer :)

Carling price check : £3.10.  Par for the course I guess in Stockport.

Table : Speed cloth.  Not overly quick but dead level.  Unfortunately due to the cramped pool room only a 6ft table can fit in there.  Even then, with the white in the corners of the table there is difficulty with cueing.  A fine selection of short cues are dotted round the room to help get you out of trouble though.

2 comments on “Waterloo Nomads

  1. Carl Horse on said:

    The food here is on par with the best around…

  2. Nice table, albeit small, which ran true but in a pokey room where cueing is difficult. £3.10 for a Carling put a dampener on the evening for me personally :P but the food made up for it – pie and chips which burnt a hole through the roof of my mouth :)

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