04/01/12 – Replay v TR

S&DPL Premier One
(Wednesday, January 4, 2012)

Replay 9 Team Rileys 3

Rileys begin the second half of their S&DPL Winter League campaign against champions elect. Just one team denied Replay a perfect record in the opening half after Rileys held the seven-time champs to a draw – and had chances to take the win. Could Rileys deny Stockport’s again, only time would tell…

Team Rileys 1 Replay 0

An under-strength Rileys,  missing both Dave Walker and Pete Bruce, get off to the worst possible start when Jason King loses out to Harry Roberts in rack one. Inexplicably, both players spurn early openings but it is tattooed Roberts who is first to break out of the malaise with a decent finish.

Replay 2 Team Rileys 0

Bob Grant has chances in the second but Mark Beeson is the man who comes out on top. The rack follows a similar pattern to the opener with opportunities missed by both before The Beast comes up with the win.

Replay 3 Team Rileys 0

In the third Rileys again fail to make the most of an opening. Dom Mills misjudges the pace of the table – failing to get the desired position on his penultimate yellow. The Gypsy gets another chance and sends a thin cut on its way into the far corner. But before it reaches the pocket the object ball cannons the white into the bag. Phil Clarke mops up with ease for 3-0.

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Replay 3 Team Rileys 1

Andy Jones gives Rileys hope by claiming the fourth. Derrick Lawley is the first on the Replay team to taste defeat and struggles throughout against the resurgent Jones. The two shots come in and The Butler serves up the win.

Replay 4 Team Rileys 1

Neil Robertson takes Replay into a commanding 4-1 win with a fudge and finish combination against Steve ‘The Pest’ Pardner. Once again Rileys are left to bemoan not taking their chances after given half an opening with the away side at times failing to adapt to the pace of the table.

Replay 4 Team Rileys 2

At 5-1 Rileys’ prospects would be bleak. But cometh the hour, cometh the pubescent. With multiple bags covered Kyle Wilson is well in control against Tony White. The Rookie fails to make the most of two shots and White, who is below his best, fights to get back into the match. But the Replay man fails to find the snooker and Wilson sinks his final ball before confidently sinking a long-range black.

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Replay 5 Team Rileys 2

Altrincham stars Mark Beeson and Jason King lock horns in rack seven. And it is the former who bags the win against a strangely off-form Kingy as Rileys against spurn all half openings sent their way.

Replay 6 Team Rileys 2

A Harry Roberts dish leaves Rileys facing an uphill task to even claim a draw.  Roberts prowls around the table while stroking his balls home in a comfortable clearance to put his side on the brink of victory.

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Replay 7 Team Rileys 2

Phil Clarke claims his second of the night to confirm victory for the champions elect. The rack isn’t a classic and Kyle Wilson spurns an opening before Clarke confirms his class.

Replay 8 Team Rileys 2

James Ruffell produces the break of the night against Andy Jones. Ruffell’s stats were 0/2 from the earlier encounter between the two sides. The youngster makes amends with a composed dish which looked on the cards from shot one.

Replay 9 Team Rileys 2

A bleak night gets bleaker following rack 10 for the under-par Rileys’ players. Dom Mills is well in control after the break but fails to sink a long black down the rail. Derrick Lawley plays pot then fudge and Mills gifts two visits and it’s 9-2.

Replay 9 Team Rileys 3

A modicum of respectability is added to the score-line in the last. Neil Robinson calls Steve Pardner’s bluff by playing an intentional foul. A superb opening shot sets up the win after Pardner plays a shot down the rail with heavy side to get behind his bad ball. The clearance follows in one of the bright moments to a dismal evening for the below-par visitors.

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2 comments on “04/01/12 – Replay v TR

  1. Carl Horse on said:

    The shot with side is the best shot I’ve seen do far this season. Well done steve.

    • thepest on said:

      Cheers Carl, risky shot I know, but Robbo was in prime position if I didn’t do something about that yellow ball- Happy it came off!

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