11/01/12 – TR v Waterloo Nomads

S&DPL Premier One                                                                                          (Wednesday, January 11, 2012)

Team Rileys 10 Waterloo Nomads 2

Following the previous week’s disappointing 9-3 reverse at Replay, Team Rileys look to relaunch their campaign to finish in the top three at home to relegation-haunted Waterloo Nomads. And after romping to a 9-3 victory in the away game a Rileys side buoyed by the return of Pete Bruce and Dave Walker will be aiming to replicate that result as a bare minimum..

Team Rileys 1 Waterloo Nomads 0

Pete Bruce returns with a vengeance to take the opener. Mike Hillier is the unlucky victim who gives The Nuisance a couple of opportunities and is soundly punished – giving Rileys the start they craved.

Team Rileys 2 Waterloo Nomads 0

Pool novice Kyle Wilson gives Rileys’ a two-rack advantage in fairly routine fashion. Mouth banging he may not like. But sinking balls into the mouth (of pockets) remains top of The Rookie’s to do list in rack number two.

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Team Rileys 2 Waterloo Nomads 1

The break leaves Rileys’ top stats man Dave Walker staring at defeat against Dave Scott. Pubby fears that a loss will arrive without the need to chalk his cue – but with a dish on the cards Scott produces a miss. The balls are left safe however and one missed pot is the only shot Walker is given – and Nomads are suddenly back in the hunt.

Team Rileys 3 Waterloo Nomads 1

The season’s stats continue to improve for Andy Jones who claims a comfortable win in the next. Tactical nous plus top potting and excellent position equals victory. The ingredients all come together for The Butler and Rileys are 3-1 ahead.

Team Rileys 4 Waterloo Nomads 1

A dry break gives Dom Mills first dibs in the fifth. But a miss down the rail allows Chris Sargeant the opportunity to step in. The error finally arrives and Gypsy Dom comes out on top in the fudge contest which follows. Mills is gifted two shots and the second is a luxury he doesn’t require.


Team Rileys 5 Waterloo Nomads 1

The man Danny Shone loves to talk about gives Rileys the decisive advantage at the end of the opening half. Maybe Shone would love to moan courtesy of a thrust from Steve Pardner’s cue. But The Pest does his talking on the baize and it’s 5-1.

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Team Rileys 6 Waterloos Nomads 1

Firing blanks off the table is something Pete Bruce certainly does not do. And his cue is equally potent against the Nomads. The Nuisance makes it four wins from four against the relegation candidates in rack eight. Victory means a draw is the least Rileys will take from the match – but Bob Grant’s side crave much more.

Team Rileys 6 Waterloo Nomads 2

Dave Walker is unsure whether to celebrate or produce a rueful smile after Kyle Wilson loses the seventh. The Rookie is favourite when Dave Scott’s attempted clearance breaks down. Wilson looks to make sure of the win by playing the fudge. Rileys’ dodgy table helps gift Scott two shots – and he bags his second win of the night to deny the hosts the chance to claim an 11-1. That would have left Walker footing the bill for a round of drinks having lost the only rack, but Wilson’s mistake is a major plus for Nomads and Pubby.

Team Rileys 7 Waterloo Nomads 2

Danny Shone had predicted two wins for Steve ‘The Pest’ Pardner against Waterloo Nomads. And The Moan is right on the money after Pardner is given too many opportunities from his error-strewn opponent’s play. The win is secured and Rileys are hungry for more.

Team Rileys 8 Waterloo Nomads 2

Andy Jones is seemingly in a bit of trouble two or three times during his clearance in rack number 10. The final yellow is played almost perfectly to give a shot on the black into the only available pocket. The in-off looks on but The Butler avoids the middle with a comfortable screw shot and it’s 8-2.

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Team Rileys 9 Waterloo Nomads 2

A scrappy 11th is brought to life with a nice clearance from Matt Norbury. The yellow which starts the clearance is played with pinpoint precision. And Nobby takes full advantage to sink the rest despite knowing one miss would let his opponent in for a simple finish.

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Team Rileys 10 Waterloo Nomads 2

Jason King secures Rileys their biggest win of the season by taking the last. King is in regulation attacking mode and when the chance arrives the Alty star is clinical. Other results also go in Rileys’ favour and Grant’s side move into fourth – just two points behind third-placed The Sheps.

For Waterloo Nomads’ views and videos from the night’s action visit www.nomadspool.co.uk/



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