18/01/12 – Ollies v TR

S&DPL Premier One                                                                              

(Wednesday, (January 18, 2012)

Ollies 5 Team Rileys 7

Team Rileys go into the game against Prem One’s champion fudgers with third place in their sights. Confidence is high following the previous week’s demolition of Waterloo Nomads. But having never beaten Ollies before Rileys are looking to get the proverbial monkey off their back.

Ollies 1 Team Rileys 0

With regular first bat AWOL Bob Grant takes responsibility for the opener. The website editor missed the rack so the presumption is Ollies fudged the Rileys captain to death, covering all six bags before still going for the two shots necessary to claim victory.

Ollies 1 Team Rileys 1

Andy Jones gets Rileys back on track  with victory in the next. The Butler – buoyed by his S&DPL Knock-Out victory over Neil Robinson – plays Ollies at their own game and ties up the key bag. Lee Bradley has his chances following a fudge battle but the cries of ‘yes the Jones’ come in after Rileys take it.

Ollies 2 Team Rileys 1

Steve Pardner falls victim to Rick Morley in the next. The Pest has a sniff of an opening but lets Morley back in and the run of racks going to the breaker continues.

Ollies 2 Team Rileys 2

BOOM… the dish comes in from the flamboyant Dave Walker to square up the match once again. Reds would be the choice for most, but Walker doesn’t mind which colour he takes. The final yellow is a beauty – a three-quarter length pot with the white close to the cushion. Is he on the black? Of course he is… and it’s a dolly.

Ollies 3 Team Rileys 2

Rileys again fail to get their noses in front despite the dry break from Carl Horsefield. Dom Mills takes control of the important pocket but when the intentional foul comes in The Gypsy fails to do enough with his two and the visitors are behind once again.

Ollies 3 Team Rileys 3

Jason King makes a rare first half appearance and takes a potentially crucial rack which squares up the match at its midpoint. Ian Davidson is favourite from the break and reverts to Ollies favourite pastime of covering bags and intentional fouls. King is unflustered and counters with a series of snookers. The opening finally arrives and Kingy takes the two in clinical fashion to clear. The rhetorical question come in – does it hurt the Ollies? You bet it does.

Ollies 4 Team Rileys 3

Maybe the rack six loss didn’t hurt the Ollies with the hosts taking the next. Rob Clarke claims it after coming out on top against Bob Grant. Captain Fudge looks on for the counter-dish but misses a ball into the top bag while attempting to hold position. Clarke takes advantage with a composed finish to edge his side back in front.

YouTube Preview Image


Ollies 4 Team Rileys 4

Andy Jones claims his second of the night but not without a scare. A routine win looks on the cards before The Butler misses a fairly simple black into the top bag. Chris White fails to pot his final ball but flukes the snooker. Jonesy’s attempted escape goes horribly wrong and White jnr has two shots. He lays up the first to leave a simple enough cut for the black. But disaster (for Ollies) strikes when the white ends up in the middle.

With two visits from here and ball in hand… surely it’s rack eight to the Ollies:

YouTube Preview Image

Ollies 4 Team Rileys 5

The sequence of wins on the break is broken when Rileys take the lead for the first time in the match. Ollies are the architect of their own downfall when Rick Morley sinks the black, but in attempting to avoid the middle bag runs the white into the far corner. ‘Get in’ is the premature shout from Ollies. ‘Wait for it’ is a reply from one of the Rileys’ players as the white head towards the pocket. ‘Get in’ comes the errant shout from Rileys. Ollies accept the rueful apology following claims of bad sportsmanship. Pot…kettle…black…maybe. Pot…black…white…follows…certainly.

Ollies 5 Team Rileys 5

The unfortunate Dave Walker is hampered by the wall following his break off shot in rack 10. White senior takes control after the miss comes in. A modicum of tactical shots follow from Ollies’ champion fudger (how could there not be). But it works and Ollies level things up again.

Olllies 5 Team Rileys 6

It’s another tight game in the 11th before Steve Pardner is put well and truly in control when Lee Bradley almost sends the black into the bottom bag with a positional shot that goes awry. The Pest has the adjacent bag covered and with two yellows safe Bradley lays the snooker. Pardner refuses the up and down escape with a fudge shot which leaves Bradders a tiny sniff of an opening. The Ollies man finds the middle with a super fine cut at pace but follows it in withe the white. Unlucky? Yes it is. Do Rileys care? No, not really. Is it the same bag White jnr sent the cue ball into earlier in the day? You bet it is. Needless to say Rileys love that bag. Check out the audacious clearance:

YouTube Preview Image

Ollies 5 Team Rileys 7

Carl Horsefield and Jason King take centre stage for the final rack of a nervy second half. It’s nip and tuck before Kingy has the first opening. But The Terminator misses his penultimate ball into the middle while searching for position. Horsefield looks a dead cert for earning side a draw before losing position on his final ball which is subsequently left over the bag. Kingy is a touch unfortunate to cannon the black towards the one bag pocket while looking for pinpoint position. The fudge follows and Kingy is rewarded with two shots. With the black tight on the bottom cushion it’s a difficult first shot which doesn’t go quite to plan. A tricky double is left – just like in the reverse fixture at Rileys. Kingy sank that one to lick The Cat. It’s The Horse whose saddled with defeat this time and suddenly Rileys are up to third in the table. Almost forgot… which pocket did Kingy find with the double? Answers on a postcard please.




One comment on “18/01/12 – Ollies v TR

  1. Carl Horse on said:

    3 in offs in 3 frames was difficult to swallow. We should of won the match but credit where it’s due you did what you had to. Great set of lads good luck boys.

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