25/01/12 – TR v Lamb B

Team Rileys 8 v Lamb B 4

The aggregate score over the three previous matches between Team Rileys and Lamb B stands at 18-18. But Lamb are on a run of four successive defeats while Rileys go into the game on the back of victory over second-placed Ollies and aiming to cement third place in Prem One. Rileys are brimming with confidence but will the newly clothed tables act as a leveller…

Rileys 1 Lamb B 0

Matt Norbury is in control througout in the opener after taking control of the key bag. Paul Henry brings his fudge game to the table but is thwarted by a series of intentional fouls. The mistake comes in when Henry fails in a snooker attempt. Nobby pots his final yellow before a sumptuous black gives Rileys the opener.

Rileys 2 Lamb B 0

A confident seven-ball clearance moves Rileys two ahead after Steve Pardner takes out Rob Kelly in the next. The penultimate red is shot of the clearance and the hosts are looking good.

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Rileys 3 Lamb B 0

The dry break turns rack three into a cagey affair. Dom Mills is generally in control but gives Pete Lorne a slight sniff following a missed double. Lorne only succeeds in sinking the white and with balls in the open The Gypsy doesn’t need the two.
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Rileys 3 Lamb B 1

Tony Bowler maintains his 100 per cent record against Rileys to get lamb B off the mark. A pot into the middle played with perfection to move The Bullet’s one bad ball makes a dish the likely outcome. A pot then surprising miss follows. With multiple balls safe Kyle Wilson does well to stay in the game and give himself half an opening. But a clearance attempt breaks down and Bowler only needs one chance.

Rileys 4 Lamb B 1

The battle of the Daves is won by Walker who demonstrates his ability to throw in the odd safety before producing an excellent finish. The black is 3/4 length but is made to look simple and the key fifth rack goes Rileys’ way.
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Rileys 5 Lamb B 1

The pressure is on Lamb B to take the sixth. Phil Stamp is charged with delivering the win but it is Andy Jones who comes up with the goods. Jones misses a relatively simple black for the second week running but is given a second chance and nails a much more difficult pot for the win. Stamp is licked. Stamp fails to deliver. Stamp falls short of being first class. Jones given the Stamp of approval. Jones rubber stamps victory. Any more Stamp related jokes? Answers on a stamp addressed envelope.
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Rileys 5 Lamb B 2

The scourge of Rileys opens the second half for Lamb B with Tony Bowler up for his second of the night. Bowler is in control from the off in a fudge frame and the Bullet demonstrates that he has more than one dimension to his game. Pardner stays in touch but when an intentional foul attempt fails to drop his opponent’s ball the writing is on the wall. Rileys are bowled over once again by Lamb’s top stick and the score moves on to Rileys 5 Bowler 2.

Rileys 6 Lamb B 2

Rileys hit their first target of six in the next when Matt Norbury ensures that it’s a fruitless journey for Rob Kelly. The Lamb B player controls the rack but fails to find position on the tied up black after attempting to clear. Nobby steps in with numerous pots in the baulk end including a long-range effort before rolling a simple black home.
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Rileys 7 Lamb B 2

Dave Walker secures victory for Rileys with an assured win over Paul Henry. The rack is similar to The Pub Player’s opener bar the black shot which is even tougher than his earlier rack-winning pot. It may be more difficult but the result is the same and it’s a minimum of 10 points for Rileys.
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Rileys 7 Lamb B 3

The dry break leaves Dom Mills struggling throughout rack eight. A series of containing shots keeps The Gypsy in the game but an ambitious yellow lets his opponent in for a simple finish.

Rileys 8 Lamb B 3

Dave Whitehead produces the break of the night and the dish is on with everything open. Whitehead gets on to his final red but in a serious error of judgement plays the cue ball with top left and snookers himself on the black. Whitehead manages to hit frame ball but leaves Jason King on. What happens next? Check out the video highlight:

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Rileys 8 Lamb B 4

The ninth rack Rileys crave slips away when Andy Jones misses a black into the partially covered corner bag. Jones had earlier passed up the opportunity for a simple fudge and The Butler pays the price when the black fails to drop or cover the pocket with his opponent’s final colour close by.


S&DPL Prem One round-up

The 6-6 draw between Sheps and Ollies means Rileys remain third but now four points clear of the latter while closing the gap on Ollies to a still formidable 11. Cabbages are hammered 10-2 by Windies in the surprise result of the night. Two of the Cabbages are apparently Jubilee bound… and strangely enough their new team is now well clear of the drop zone following the ‘shock’ 10-2 reverse against Windies.

Champions elect Replay are held to a 6-6 draw by relegation certainties Waterloo Nomads in the other unexpected result of the evening.




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  1. Lovely finish by Pest in frame 3 but it does look like he is having a wank at the end ;-)

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