26/10/11 – Waterloo Nomads v TR


S&DPL Premier One                                                                                          (Wednesday, October 26, 2011)

Waterloo Nomads 3 Team Rileys 9

TEAM Rileys arrive at pre-season relegation favourites Waterloo Nomads on the back of a creditable 6-6 draw with seven-time champs Replay. Big points were anticipated, though little could be taken for granted in the strongest Prem One ever…

Team Rileys 1 Nomads 0                                                                                                    With only Bob Grant and Dom Mills arriving on time Captain Fudge takes responsibility for the opening rack. Dave Sargeant assumes early control with a decent cover shot. But in a battle of the fudge Grant usually come out on top, and the counter-fudge shot switches momentum before the Rileys skipper eases to victory.

Team Rileys 2 Nomads 0                                                                                                            The Rileys cavalry arrive midway through the opener, and usual front-man Pete Bruce steps up for rack two. Nomads make the fatal mistake of failing to pot from the break while at the same time leaving a tempting table. Brucey laps up the balls – despite twice being forced to switch sticks in Waterloo’s confined pool room – for a sumptuous counter-dish.

Team Rileys 3 Nomads 1                                                                                                  Dave Walker takes out a decent finish following a relatively scrappy third before Nomads chalk up their first point of the night. Andy Jones is the unlucky loser after Matt Watson doubles an unlikely black into the middle pocket. The far corner bag off two cushions was the target say the watching faithful, but the shell-shocked Nomads are grateful for any scraps on offer.

Team Rileys 3 Nomads 2                                                                                                  Steve Pardner is in complete control before a snooker lays the foundation for his own downfall. The intentional foul leaves Pardner’s red on top of his opponents ball over a bag, and in a sudden reversal of furtune Nomads have two on the board.

Team Rileys 4 Nomads 2                                                                                                Normal service is resumed in rack six with Dom Mills in control throughout. Steady potting with the odd containing shot thrown in leaves Gypsy on a clearance. The black is left slightly awkward but proves easy picking as Rileys take a 4-2 lead from the opening half.

Team Rileys 6 Nomads 2                                                                                                   Pete Bruce nails a tricky long-range black following a poor final positional shot before Bob Grant has little trouble in taking Rileys up to 6-2.

Team Rileys 7 Nomads 3                                                                                                    The two sides trade racks when Matt Watson punishes Dom Mills with a decent clearance after being gifted two shots before Dave Walker takes Rileys over the finishing line with a comfortable victory.

Team Rileys 8 Nomads 3                                                                                                        A dish looks on the cards for Kyle Wilson only for the wrong angle to be left on The Rookie’s penultimate yellow. The final two colours are sunk but Wilson leaves himself snookered on the black. Nomads should take advantage, but Wilson is given a reprieve and makes no mistake given a second chance.

Team Rileys 9 Nomads 3                                                                                                 Jason King motors in for rack 12, resplendent with one blood shot eye which earns the Alty potting machine ‘The Terminator’ tag. Following a dry break King attacks the table with mechanical-like efficiency. The small room fails to disrupt the King who switches shots to compensate but always finds the same result to claim the counter-dish. He’ll be back… but only after 10.15pm.

For Waterloo Nomads’ views on the night’s action visit www.nomadspool.co.uk/



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