22/02/12 – Silver Jubilee v TR

News filters through ahead of Rileys’ visit to Silver Jubilees that Cabbages will fold no matter how the final games pan out. With Waterloo Nomads and Egerton Arms already¬†relegated the information all but renders the match irrelevant. Sheps have the box seat in terms of claiming third spot while Jubilee are in effect no longer in danger of the drop. Collective focus drops down a touch but there’s still a match to be played….

Silver Jubilee 7 Team Rileys 5

What is there to say? The result’s above in black and white – and the videos are below in full technicolour. Check out Roy Cushworth’s dish which is worth viewing for the neat control in a small area. Tony Langdale’s clearance to beat Jason King is also worth a mention. For Rileys Dave Walker’s opening rack stood out while Bob Grant outplayed Ste Horse with some astute tactical shots in another notable rack.

But what (unfortunately) will stick in the memory is the sickening hug between The Moan and his brother after Jubilee take the final rack to clinch the win. Danny Shone is typically annoying during the match with his continuous ‘it’s there for next time’ and ‘he doesn’t want it’ comments’.

Change the record and come up with something a little more original numpty boy. That can be forgiven (perhaps) due to the obvious limited intelligence Shone senior possesses. But that almost homo-erotic hug at the end…. that is unforgivable for the lasting impression left on the Rileys playing contingent. No-one should witness such a sickening act.


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