02/05/12 – Fudgers 6 v 6 Charisma

Post-match analysis:

Fudgers 6 – 6 Charisma

Tooooo depressing. The team are inconsolable after grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory. Technically it was a draw but it didn’t and doesn’t feel like that …

Pre-match thoughts:

Team Rileys take on Fudge Rileys in the battle for A6 Rileys’ bragging rights on match two of the Summer Season.  The true Rileys arrive at their spiritual home only to find intruders are already nudging their balls with painful efficiency towards any available hole. To add insult to injury Ian Davidson announces to staff on Ollies’ arrival that his outfit are a ‘top team’ while TR are an ‘average team’. But Davidson’s fudgers failed to beat TR in the previous season – escaping with a draw at Rileys before suffering defeat on their own patch. And Bob Grant’s men go into the match eager to maintain their recent unbeaten record over the champion fudgers….

Fudgers 1 Team Rileys 0

The pool gods are against Rileys in the opener. Rob Clarke is handed an opportunity after Nick Powell’s attempt to force a pot into the middle while looking for ideal position goes wrong. Clarke clears to his final yellow before attempting a double. The double is off target but Clarke flukes the ball in the opposite corner and is on the black to sink a bemused Big Nick.

Fudgers 1 Team Rileys 1

Rack two swings one way and then the other. Matt Norbury eventually takes control against a strangely off-colour Carl Horsefield who finally makes one mistake too many. The clearance is simple enough and Nobby makes no mistake to even up the contest.

Fudgers 2 Team Rileys 1

The dry break is well and truly punished in the next. Andy Jones is the victim with Rick Morley the man to take The Butler’s scalp. Balls are stuck over pockets (what else so you expect?) and Jones isn’t afforded much of an opportunity to redress the balance before being put out of his misery.

Fudgers 2 Team Rileys 2

Paul White produces one of the breaks of the night in rack four. The dish is certainly on but White reverts to fudge – it’s brown and sticky and he likes it. But the fudge comes back to hurt White like an unexpected Black Sambo (look it up). Kyle Wilson is left with scraps but a fluke opens up the whole game and The Nominator clears for the rack win.

Fudgers 2 Team Rileys 3

Paul Coppock is always in control in the penultimate rack of the opening half. Lee Bradley struggles throughout and gives away too many fouls to appease his dour teammates. Coppsy maintains his focus to clear up and put Rileys in front for the first time.

Fudgers 2 Team Rileys 4

Rileys double their advantage when Bob Grant takes centre stage in the next. ‘Silky’ Lambourne is about as smooth as sandpaper and despite holding the upper-hand early on is soon in trouble against Rileys’ skipper who can trade fudge with the best. Grant can even afford a shocker of a shot while looking to clear with two shots. Despite the howler Captain Fudge remains on top and gives his side a decent lead at the midway point.

Fudgers 3 Team Rileys 4

The second half resumes with Kyle Wilson taking on Carl Horsefield. The Rookie is in control early on but fails to pot or cover which lets Horsey in. And Horsefield produces arguably the clearance of the night to punish Rileys’ newest team member.

Fudgers 4 Team Rileys 4

Ollies’ team spirit-o-meter rockets up from morgue level to crematorium level after getting back on level terms. Steve Pardner does well to contend with the fudge and gets himself back into the match with two colours apiece left on the table. But the roll deceives The Pest and Morley uses the two in impressive fashion for 4-4.

Fudgers 4 Team Rileys 5

Jason King sets himself up for the dish in the nest but over-runs the white with the table at his mercy. Chris White is given a reprieve but does little to knock Kingy off his thrown and Rileys are back in front.

YouTube Preview Image

Fudgers 6 Team Rileys 5

Matt Norbury has a chance to nudge Rileys back in front but his decision to turn down a double backfires and Rob Clarke takes the rack. Paul Coppock then misses a pot only to see the object ball come off two cushions before sending the black down to give Ollies an undeserved edge.

Fudgers 6 Team Rileys 6

Lee Bradley looks certain to dish in the last when the break leaves everything open. Bradley loses the white a number of times but still has a gimme into the top corner with the black unmissable down the other end to give his side certain victory. But the miss comes in and Jones’s safety game ensures honours finish even in a fairly lacklustre match.





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