09/05/12 – TR 7 v 5 Smurfs


Team Rileys head into week three in search of big points to make up ground on the early Prem One pacesetters. Opponents Smurfs have lost their opening two matches 9-3 – having also faced Replay and Ollies – and Rileys will  be looking to inflict similar pain on Papa Smurf and co.

Rileys 0 Smurfs 1

Smurfs fail to read the script as Ray McPhee gets the visitors off to a winning start. Smurfs’ number one takes advantage of an off-colour Dave Walker who has a slight sniff of an opening early on. But when the clearance opportunity arrives McPhee clears in clinical fashion.

Rileys 0 Smurfs 2

Nick Powell is tasked with getting Rileys off the mark in the second but Stu Blackmore is in control early on. When the mistake arrives Big Nick lays a snooker. But the escape leaves Powell continuing to play catch-up. An excellent long red down the rail gives Powell a glimpse of an opening. But the Rileys man rattles his final ball. Blackmore is back in and suddenly Smurfs are 2-0 up.

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 Rileys 0 Smurfs 3

Proceedings go from bad to worse when Bob Grant loses the next. Andy Morrison gets down to the black before Captain Fudge looks to get his side back in the match. However, Grant’s snooker attempt goes horribly wrong and Morrison is gifted the rack to keep Rileys well and truly on the back foot.

Rileys 1 Smurfs 3

Alex Sweet sends the white straight into the middle while attempting an ultra thin cut. The mistake gives Steve Pardener just the opportunity Rileys need to get back into the match. And The Pest – buoyed by his victory over Roy Cushworth over the weekend – produces a clinical clearance to begin the revival.

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Rileys 2 Smurfs 3

Andy Jones keeps the comeback rolling after being tied up by Steve Lindley in the early stages, Andy manages to regain control and after laying a few tidy snookers, Jones finally gets the two shots he patiently played for and clears with both visits. Come on TR!

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Rileys 3 Smurfs 3

Rileys’ mini-revival looks set to be derailed when Matt Norbury’s shirt touches his opponent’s ball while looking at a routine finish. Home referee Dom Mills calls a foul seen by no-one but himself. With two shots the rack looks set to go Smurfs’ way. But poor position and shot selection ends with an inexplicable foul and Nobby clears the remainder to restore parity at the midway point of the match.

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Rileys 3 Smurfs 4

Dom Mills spurns an early opportunity in the seventh after the white is sunk on the break. The rack is still in the balance and Gypsy Dom gives himself hope with a fine treble. But a tricky long pot is missed and Ray McPhee clears to pick up his second win of the night.

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 Rileys 4 Smurfs 4

The opening half looks set to repeat itself with Stu Blackmore in control in the next. But Blackmore – with the table at his mercy – goes for an ambitious shot on his penultimate red and snookers himself on his last. The two shots arrive and after developing his bad ball Steve Pardner is on for the clearance. Pin-point accuracy marks the opening few shots before an inexplicable miss on his final red. Blackmore is back in and Rileys fear the worst. A mid-range black is then missed by distance before both players attempt to outdo each other with missed pots as the tension rises. Pardner misses two while Blackmore fails with three attempts before leaving the black over the bag. The Pest sinks to his knees in his regular pose to celebrate the winning shot and Rileys thank their lucky stars.

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Rileys 4 Smurfs 5

Jason King plays an excellent strategical game after being heavily bogged down in a fudge battle around the bottom corner. Morrison looks confident and is on top in the early stages but a dogged King uses his experience and earns the two shots he was looking for. After steadfastly winning the tactical scrap and playing a fantastic long pot to begin his double visit, JK looks a dead cert on winning the frame until a sudden lapse of concentration on his penultimate yellow ball results in a miss into the centre pocket leaving Morrison to thank his lucky stars and gladly take the ninth frame to make it 5-4 Smurfs.

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Rileys 5 Smurfs 5

Rileys 6 Smurfs 5

Dave Walker produces the clearance of the night to keep Rileys’ hopes of claiming victory alive. Smurfs have a key bag covered but excellent position, shot selection and potting accuracy gives The Pub Player victory. The opening couple of shots are missed but the rest are on the VT – check it out.

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 Rileys 7 Smurfs 5

In a recurring theme of Rileys’ season to date the fate of the match lies with the last rack. The break gives Smurfs the advantage with balls over the important pockets. Jones produces an excellent positional shot in an attempt to leave a shot on his major problem ball. The tough pot is a touch off target and Smurfs are in. Andy Morrison gives himself a mid-range shot on the black but rattles the ball which then travels down the rail before knocking his opponent’s ball into the pocket. With the pressure on the clearance is anything but routine. However, The Professor keeps his cool with an excellent finish to bag Rileys their opening win of the season.

S&DPL round-up:

Silver Jubilee hammer Windies 12-0 to open up an early gap at the top of Prem One. With Yarmouth on their minds once again Jubilee, while having been given one of the easier starts to the season. But can The Moan and co maintain their form in what will bee their toughest challenge next week when Rileys come to town?




3 comments on “09/05/12 – TR 7 v 5 Smurfs

  1. Gypsy Dom on said:

    Only checked out the videos from last week’s game today – Steve’s expression after missing his last ball against Stu is priceless.

  2. Mr Moan on said:

    What’s the delay guys?

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