16/05/12 – Silver Tossers* 5 v 7 TR

* We love you guys really (even more than the Ollies) :)


Team Rileys head into week four away to the Jubilee, only to be greeted by a welcome note and team shirt pinned to the darts board!

Even more impressive than the note is that Jubilee not only managed to lift a shirt from Rileys’ A6 base – but also managed to smuggle Danny ‘The Moan’ Shone into the textile factory that prints the shirts to assist with the spelling. Bravo Danny and Co… Bravo.

Silver Tossers 1 Team Rileys 0

Rileys continue to tinker with their lead off man and this time send top stats man Matt Norbury to face the weighty challenge of Steve Horse. A dry break lets Norbury in who has a sniff of a clearance before the mistake arrives. Horse makes Nobby pay in ruthless fashion and for the fourth time this season Team Alty lose the opener.

Silver Tossers 2 Rileys 0

With James Shone unavailable due to a trip to the Lake District with his girlfriend and dog Rileys are surprised to see The Moan lurking in the corner – and he’s up next. Nick Powell is challenged with taking out public enemy number one and is control early on. Big Nick fails to hit a cushion with a safety – and Shone takes on the unprecedented dual role of ref and player to call the foul himself – but The Moan still fails to take advantage. Powell then looks to clear but jaws his final red. In fairness The Moan plays a decent snooker. Big Nick is a whisker away and Shone clears with the two to keep Rileys under the cosh.
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Silver Tossers 3 Rileys 0 *(DISH)

With his 4-2 Stockport Open victory still fresh in the memory Steve Pardner faces Roy Cusworth in the next. But there’s little The Pest can do when a fine break leaves the majority of balls in the open. A pot and cannon then releases the one tied up ball and the black. Lesser men may fail but Stockport’s number one takes out the clearance with pin-point accuracy and it’s 3-0 to the hosts. Check out the Roybot:
YouTube Preview Image


Silvers Tossers 3 Rileys 1 *(DISH)

Anything you can do …… And Dave Walker does despite the heavily audible ‘a top player would clear up from here’ comment from the sidelines – presumably meant as a less than subtle attempt to pile on the pressure. Pubby is impervious to such jibes and after a quality break makes the clearance look like shelling peas (that’s an idiom Danny and not to be taken literally). Here’s the dish of the day:

YouTube Preview Image


Silver Tossers 3 Team Alty 2

… and suddenly a second winning video arrives for Rileys. Dom Mills takes the victory with a composed clearance after Tony Langdale’s failed attempted double. The Gypsy was first in before a fudge and counter-fudge exchange which preceded Langdale’s clearance bid.
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Silver Tossers 4 Team Charisma 2

Rileys fail to repeat the previous week’s first-half comeback when Adam Clark re-establishes the home side’s two-rack cushion. Clark pots balls before leaving his final yellow in an awkward spot. Andy Jones targets a safety but only succeeds in doubling his ball – leaving a tough next shot. Clark is presented with a tight cut and when the white cannons into the other balls the former Cabbage is on the black. Would it be disingenuous to say Clark was a tad fortunate? No it wouldn’t the lucky b@stard.

Silver Tossers 5 Team Rileys 2 *(DISH)

Kyle Wilson makes his bow for Rileys at the start of the second half. But the chalking of his cue is rendered pointless by Ste Horse who completes a third dish of the evening in some style. Horse plays a couple of shots off his opponent’s balls before sinking the black to put Rileys well and truly up against it.

Silver Tossers 5 Team Rileys 3

Cometh the hour cometh The Pub Player who begins the Rileys revival by dispatching Tony Langdale in the next. Langdale makes the early charge but is derailed when sinking two balls in one shot. The Jubilee man pots his way out of a snooker but can only leave the black close to the bottom bag. Dave Walker can get out of tighter spots than Houdini and after a couple of fudges produces a pressure clearance of some quality for 5-3.
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Silver Tossers 5 Team Rileys 4

Dom Mills is named as the sacrificial lamb to face Roy Cusworth in rack nine. But the only thing woolly about his performance is his beanie.  Cusworth’s attempted dish breaks down and Gypsy Dom then looks to keep it tight. Cusworth nails an excellent long pot down the rail from off the cushion and the writing is on the wall. But an exhibition style shot – with more side than a dodecahedron – goes wrong. JP’s substantial draw drops a few more inches and Mills is back in the game. Another safety leaves Cusworth struggling and when the double fails The Gypsy clears.

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Silver Tossers 5 Team Rileys 5

A cagey rack turns into a tactical battle and it’s no surprise when Andy Jones (aka The Professor) teaches Shone a lesson. Jones has a couple of pressure shots to make it 5-5 but is coolness personified and it’s game on.
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Silver Tossers 5 Team Rileys 6

Adam Clark and Steve Pardner go head to head in the crucial 11th. The Pest is in control almost throughout with key bags covered. And despite The Moan’s blatant attempts at coaching Clark begins to run out of ideas before a foul leaves Jubilee up the proverbial creek. Pardner has two but only needs one and Rileys are in the lead for the first time in the match.

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Silver Tossers 5 Team Victory 7

Danny Shone’s face is a picture (and I’m not thinking of the romantic period) when Jason King walks through the door to get Rileys over the line. “That’s desperate” yelps the Moan, “ringing Kingy to get here for half 10.” In truth the answer to that outburst from our dim-witted friend is that Kingy usually arrives between 10.15pm and 10.30pm. And rather than an act of desperation the ploy is more akin to a winning move. Jubilee can only present captain JP in reply. To say the win is a foregone conclusion is stretching the point but Kingy plays a number of team shots to retain control. And when the chance arrives The Terminator plays a fine pot off one of his opponents reds to gain ideal position on the black. Kingy then completes a glorious comeback to put a dent in the Tossers’ hopes of Yarmouth qualification.
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13 comments on “16/05/12 – Silver Tossers* 5 v 7 TR

  1. thepest on said:

    Kingy’s penultimate pot off the red ball to get the angle and position on the black was excellent.

  2. Gypsy Dom on said:

    “No hopes of a Yarmouth as it’s Summer League……”
    You think we don’t know that? Unfortunately our humour is way beyond you Danny lad. Better luck next week.

    • Shoan the Moan on said:

      Fair play, that’s what must make you such a popular figure in SDPL Dom .

      Yeah cheers for wishing us look ahead of next week. Good luck to yourselves I’m sure you will close that 13 point gap in no time

  3. The Jinx on said:

    LMAO! Yes the moan!

  4. The Fisherman on said:

    Great fishing Team Riley’s, and you have already caught a couple of scrawny ones so well done :)

  5. Shoan the Moan on said:

    Well why your on the subject “luck” Dom, you failed to mention the lucky shot against Roy where you had ball over pocket and still missed somehow as you bottled it but unfortunately double kissed into the pocket .

    Ps No hopes of Yarmouth as its Summer league ;)

  6. Shoan the Moan on said:

    Quite worrying how much you have mentioned me in this report and on your site. Jones “teaches me a lesson” not surprisingly ? Lol . Against the break, against the balls n still nearly turned it around, funny as we’ve only played once in singles league n how did that go?

    Anyway rant over, was good game on the night and let’s see if you can challenge which obviously your so desperate to do bringing players down at 10:30 to play a frame IMO is piss poor on the players who hang around all night don’t play. Kingy how do you sleep?

  7. Predator on said:

    Yesssss the Rileys great comeback !!!! Jubilee folded like girls lol

  8. Shoan the Moan on said:

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