23/05/12 – TR 8 v 4 Kicker A

Draw specialists Kicker A arrive at Rileys as one of only two unbeaten sides in the division. Both sides go into the match with identical frame difference records to indicate another draw perhaps. But the charismatic Rileys (you know which one ;) ) boast a perfect win/loss record against Kicker and with home advantage will be aiming to extend that record….

Team Rileys 1 Kicker A 0

BOOM. For the first time this season Rileys manage to claim the opening rack. The hosts again tinker with their lead off man and it’s Steve Pardner who’s up first. Momentum swings one way and then another. The Pest looks on to clear before he’s hampered on his final colour. But the opposition are unable to take advantage despite the miss and Pardner clears with ease second time around.

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Team Rileys 1 Kicker A 1

Dave Foley immediately looks to get his side back on level terms with a dish attempt in the next. An error follows a fine pot on his penultimate red. Nick Powell pots then lays a fine snooker to garner the two shots. Then it’s Big Nick’s turn to snaffle up his yellows. Powell looks in complete control before over-cooking his final colour into the middle. The ultra-thin cut also fails to drop and it’s back in the balance. Foley snooker’s and Powell’s escape is millimetres away from a pot – and it’s his last shot as the away side get off the mark.

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Team Rileys 2 Kicker A 1 *(DISH)

BOOM BOOM. Whatever Dave Walker’s on (Carling usually) should be passed around his team-mates. The Pub player claims his second dish in as many weeks and once again makes the game look simple. On the footage either our video editor has added some bizarre sound effects or the Horsefield family begin to heckle at around 54 seconds. Enough talk.. here’s the VT:

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Team Rileys 2 Kicker A 2

The sequence of victory for the breaker continues with Kicker’s number one Brad Dyer the player to take rack four. But the dry break gives Paul Coppock the early advantage. Coppsy is in complete control with key bags seemingly covered. Dyer takes out some excellent pots before an attempted snooker. Coppsy looks to have done enough with the return fudge to stand on the brink of victory. But an excellent cut into the middle followed by a fine clearance gives Kicker the rack.


Team Charisma 3 Kicker A 2

Andy Jones inches Rileys back into the lead with victory over Paul Mellor. The Professor’s team-mates like the match-up following Jonesy’s hefty win over Mellor in the Stockport Singles League. The Alty star oozes confidence and pin-point precision in the clearance gives Jones a comfortable win.

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Rileys A 4 Kicker A 2

All square at the midway points looks the likely outcome when Dom Mills gives a poor two shots away following a poor double attempt. Dan Smith fails with the two but leaves little on for The Gypsy. An ambitious cut gives Smith another opening. But Sausage Dan overcooks his positional shot on the black and is left with a snooker escape. Mills responds by putting Smith in deeper trouble with a clever snooker and cover. Sausage goes for the hit and hope and only succeeds in sinking the white. The Gypsy has two but only needs one and Rileys are 4-2 up.

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Team Rileys 5 Kicker A 2

A dry break denied Dace Walker another dish opportunity in his second rack of the evening. But Walker wrestles back control by covering the crucial bag with a clever cannon shot. Pubby is in control from that point on and when the clearance opportunity arrives Walker grasps it with both sets of chubby fingers.

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Team Rileys A 5 Kicker A 3

Dave Foley keeps Kicker in the match by taking the next with a composed finish. Steve Pardner is the victim after missing a tough cut into the middle bag and its on to rack number nine.


Team Rileys 6 Kicker A 3

Jason King brings his astute tactical game the table in the key ninth.The Terminator is second favourite almost throughout but an excellent shot to force his opponent to pot a ball the bag dramatically changes the momentum. Position is all but impossible and when the miss arrives next shot Rileys are back in the rack. A fudge keeps King on top and then the finish arrives to put the home side in touching distance of the win.

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Team Rileys 6 Kicker A 4

Celebrations are kept on ice by Dan Smith in the next. Matt Norbury dominates before a rash shot downs two of Nobby’s reds. Norbury is second favourite after using the two but works himself another opportunity. A tough double on the black goes close but not close enough and Smith is in for the win.


Team Rileys 7 Kicker A 4

Kicker are left to rue their decision to leave Brad Dyer for the final rack when Andy Jones gets his side over the line. Kicker skipper Paul Mellor is once again The Professor’s victim. Mellor has a slight opportunity after Jones leaves the black hanging over the bag. But a tough attempted pot along the top rail with the white almost in the jaws fails to drop and Jones can’t miss.

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Team Rileys 8 Kicker A 4

Kyle Wilson earns his side a Brucey Bonus by taking the scalp of Brad Dyer in the final rack of the night. Dyer appears set to take the win before sending the white into the middle bag while looking for ideal position. Wilson uses the two to great effect to seal the 8-4 which sends Rileys up to fourth – and hot on the heels of defending champions Replay.

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5 comments on “23/05/12 – TR 8 v 4 Kicker A

  1. Jinx on said:

    LMAO – liking the sound effects

  2. Carl Horse on said:

    I like the horse sound effects.
    However the crucible round of applause record over is superb.

  3. pubby on said:

    Chubby fingers?? My BMI (Body Mass Index Danny lad) tells me I’m only a few pounds north of my ideal fighting weight :/

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